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Tuesday, 24 January 2012

cookerySHOW !!!!! Awesome

Hey guys!!!!!

Last week on 20th ,January 2012, Friday My  Team and I were part of a very special and unique evening: we had to cook and plate a 5-course menu for 6 members.The cooking competition was an over all fun experience and awesome.We had 4 teams and the menu is like it starts with Welcome Drink, Stuffed Biriyani, Side dish, Salad and Desert. I had to write the post while my emotions were still together and was eager  waiting to share photos.

Did i say just awesome? Ok.. think awesome as in amazingly awesome!

I have to tell you. This event  started at 5 PM and we have to make 5 dishes and have to finish before 7.30Pm and in each team we were 6 members.I don't have words to demonstrate because at night, even the lights were so dim and we enjoyed all over.

We planned very well and decided our menu which follows like this welcome drink: watermelon aqua fresc, Biriyani: Vegetable stuffed Biriyani, Side dish: Raita, Salad:spicy  pine apple and last but not the least one our Desert: Gagar ka halwa( carrot halwa).

All teams  finished in time. Each team had some problems in dishes, like less salt, a lot of spiciness  and all.....Atlast ours Gagar ka halwa got special attention on it......every one had halwa and asked recipe.

Now the results were announced and we did'nt  expect that , because all teams had done excellently with their own style..... but we got the CROWN  ha ha.

I thank my team  all so much for their incredible talent and very hard work. Plus it was so easy to work with  all of our team, were so cooperative throughout the entire process.


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